Why are fire rated doors essential in a modern office

Fire safety is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a commercial building, and this became even more important following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. 

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Businesses must follow strict health and safety guidelines; however, these guidelines vary depending on the building’s use and expected foot traffic. Architects should take those factors into account when designing office buildings.


Fire rated doors and screens play a critical role in passive fire protection, protecting people and buildings. 


It can be challenging for architects to maintain an attractive, modern office design while still taking the necessary fire safety precautions.


It is of great importance that an office looks sophisticated, and fire rated doors and screens can provide just that, providing maximum fire protection but still blending in well with a modern office setup. Fire rated glass elegant design and modern touch create a sense of space in the office, as well as allowing maximum natural light. 


Our fire rated glazed door or screen are customized made, designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of an office, and can offer unique designs.


Fire rated glass is an outstanding safety measure, as the building looks contemporary and elegant while providing powerful fire protection features to meet stringent building regulations. 


Are you looking to specify fire rated glazing for office spaces? Pyrostyle Fire Rated Doors & Screens can advise you on the best glazing option and system for your project. Either email us at or call 01322 310222.